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Barbara Steiner teaches piano in her Minnetonka home.
5600 Glen Moor Circle
Minnetonka, MN 55345

Steiner Studio provides piano lessons to more than 50 students weekly.

Mrs. Steiner's students are at all levels of ability and range from
elementary school to adult.
She specializes in teaching adults with 40% of her students in that age bracket

With 40 years experience, Barbara brings to each lesson, a good understanding
of the learning process at the piano.
"I have a pretty good idea of what works and what doesnŐt, but each week,
I continue to learn from my students as well.
We enjoy the language of music together."
A wide range of music styles is studied, from classical to popular to jazz.

The use of keyboards and CD accompaniments in the studio, help provide
variety to each lesson. Included in each student's plan are music theory,
rhythm exercises, technique, music history and ensemble playing.

For the young student, there are many opportunities to share his/her music at recitals,
both informal and formal..
Barbara Steiner believes in open and honest communication among student, parent and teacher.
It takes input from all three parties for a child to grow musically.

For More Information Call: 952-936-2141

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