DOUG READER, Instructor

Technology consulting for maximum impact in music education

National and state standards have certainly increased the task for music educators. Fortunately, technology offers significant assistance to teachers in addressing the broader curriculum.

DOUG’S TECHNOLOGY CONSULTING assists teachers in applying the best technologies for their programs.

Services include:

Douglas Reader, Ph.D., trainer and presenter, brings formal education and teaching experience in the following areas relating to the National Standards:

As a music technologist, Doug has taught at the college level since 1987 and currently teaches in the Continuing Studies and Graduate School at Bethel College as part of the TI:ME (Technology Institute for Music Educators) program. He is also a clinician for Makemusic, Inc.

In addition to presenting to audiences nationwide–from middle schools, high schools, colleges and universities to district meetings and regional and state conventions, he has demonstrated at the International Computer Music Conference in Montreal, and conducted product training for music dealerships in over a dozen states. Artists he’s worked with include Wynton Marsalis, Bill Watrous, Christian Lindberg, John Marcellus, Allen Vizutti, Gary Bordner, Vince DiMartino, and Jimmy Walker.

Douglas Reader, Ph.D

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