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Fossil Visit
by Yesenia 12/27/04

An Old Dinosaur
During winter break, I went to the Science Museum in St. Paul and visited the "Great Dinosaurs of China" display. I went to the museum to learn more about fossils.

Fossil Expert
While visiting the dinosaurs, I met Marge the fossil expert. Marge showed us a couple of fossils. One was of a dinosaur many millions of years old.

She let us pick up the fossil bone and a cow bone. A fossilized bone will weigh 2 & 1/2 times more than a regular bone. The most important part of becoming a fossil is that it must be covered with mud or sand very quickly when it dies. If the animal is not covered quickly it will slowly turn to dust.

Minerals replace the bone over a process that takes millions of years. The different colors of fossils come from the different minerals that replace the bone. Each mineral has a different color.

Lunch Time

Mr. J. took me and my friend, Maria, over to the Science Museum and typed my report. He helped me with the pictures. A digital camera was used for pictures that go along with my report.
Mr. J put the report and pictures on the internet.
You can see the pictures at

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