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Roger Bernstrom aka (Shipwreck)

Hi, it's me Roger aka (Shipwreck)
Most of you will be looking at this because I've told you about it. So here's what's up. As you know, among the many things I do, I enjoy boating. I particularly love sailing.
In the summer I keep my boat, Daydream Believe with it's dingy Homecoming Queen on a mooring in Hudson WI. I try to get out as much as possible but as you all can relate
there's never enough time or energy to go around. This year I'm trying to change that. I need help! I need to have you folks come out to Hudson and crew with me. If I can get
you to come it will not only set a date, but it will make it more fun and much easier for me. Then I can get you to pull up the anchor, cast off lines and fend off the dock as I
approach too quickly. I didn't get the handle "Shipwreck" for nothing.

Now you've been officially invited so if the summer ends and you didn't get out, it's you own fault for not calling or e-mailing.
Roger Bernstrom Call 651-231-1197 or Email:
Come on Down.

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