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Alfred's Essentials of Music Theory (Middle School through College)
Lessons, exercises, ear training and testing of basic elements of music theory. Includes narration, animated interactive examples, pitch recognition, glossary, index of terms and symbols. Student Version keeps track of individual score and tracks progress on each concept. Educator Version keeps track of scores for up to 200 users (one computer). Hybrid 16MB RAM / 040 Processor / 66 MHz / System 7.1
AABACA - $75 Educator Single Level (Complete1-3 Levels - $150) Student (Complete1-3 Levels - $49)Education, Lab Packs & Network License

Alfred's Teach Yourself to Play Guitar
Interactive CD that teaches you everything you need to know to start playing guitar. Includes guitar chord dictionary and guitar tuner. Plus, you can adjust tempo and record your performance!
AABACA $25 Hybrid 8MB RAM

Alfred's Teach Yourself to Play Piano
Interactive CD that teaches piano from the very beginning. Includes interactive song player that lets you see exactly how each song should be played -- plus, record your performance!
AABACA $25 Hybrid 8MB RAM

Student $49 (Teacher $89) Hybrid

Apple Pie Music
Music of American History that includes Colonial, Expansion and Industrial events. History of American Music that includes Popular, Religious and Folk.
AABACA Hybrid 8MB RAM / 040 Processor / 25 MHz / System 7.1

Bach and Before
This overview of music travels from ancient Greece to Bach and Handel in the mid-eighteenth century.
AABACA $19.95 Mac 2MB RAM

Beethoven Lives Upstairs (Ages 5 and Up)
Travel back to 18th century Vienna with Beethoven as your guide! Learn about tone, rhythm, composition, musical styles, how to read a score, compete in interactive games and create your own paintings and compositions.
AABACA $29.95 Win 8MB RAM

Classical Ideal
Contains excerpts from more than 40 audio CD's, overview of the dawning of the Classical Era and of the emergence of Haydn and Mozart.
AABACA $19.95 Mac 2MB RAM

Classical Music for Dummies
Explores classical music in a way everyone can understand.
AABACA $13.95 Hybrid 8MB RAM

Dvorak: Symphony No.9
The complete score accompanies the audio CD recording.
AABACA $35.95 Mac 1.2MB RAM FREE

eMedia Learn how to play Guitar & Bass Series

Experiencing Music Technology (CD ROM and Textbook)
Comprehensive approach to using computers and music. It covers the principles of MIDI, sampling, digital recording, editing the Internet, multimedia, sound generation & storage and desktop publishing.
AABACA $55.00 (CD and textbook) Hybrid 8MB RAM

Guitropolis (Ages 9-Adult)
Everything you need to learn how to play guitar. Teaches note-reading in standard notation and TAB, strumming chords.
AABACA $39 Hybrid 16MB RAM
(Supplementary Material: Alfred's Teach Yourself Guitar Book $9.95)

Juilliard Music Adventure (Ages 9 and Up)
Intro to rhythm, melody, orchestration and musical styles using methods developed at The Juilliard School of Music. Compose melodies, create rhythms and produce your own performances.
AABACA $40.95 (5 Pack Lab - $115; 10 Pack Lab - $195) Hybrid 8MB RAM FREE

Kidmusic (Ages 3-13)
Listen to 75 songs while following along using real music notation with notes and barlines. Record your own tunes and see them written automatically. Save them and print them out. (Includes LITTLE KID'S and BIG KID'S MUSIC)
AABACA $39 (Site License - $249) Mac 8MB RAM

Making Music (Grades PreK-6)
A composing space for children using tools that composers use, without having to know musical notation. Kids can experiment, create a structure as they go and really make music. No reading required.
AABACA $39 Hybrid 5.5MB RAM FREE

Making MORE Music (Ages 8-Adult)
Learn about everything from tempo to scales to standard music notation as you play with different musical instruments. Create and print original compositions. Contains games that reinforce new skills.
AABACA $39 Hybrid 8 MB RAM Education, Lab Packs & Site License

MIDIsaurus Focus CD's (Ages 4-10)
MIDIsaurus, the musical dinosaur, introduces children to the world of music through colorful animation and fun-filled games! Set includes RHYTHM, NOTATION, COMPOSERS and INSTRUMENTS. Tracks student's progress.
AABACA Set of 4 CD's $119 ($39 each CD) Hybrid 16MB RAM

MIDIsaurus Piano Vol. 1-4 (Ages 4-10)
Musical dinosaur introduces children to piano through colorful animation and games. Includes notes & rests, steps & skips, hand positions, meter, dynamics, chords, intervals and sing-a-long songs. Tracks student's progress.
AABACA Set of 4 CD's $119 Hybrid 16MB RAM

NEW! MIDIsaurus Piano Vol. 5-8 (Ages 4-11)
Musical dinosaur continues to teach basic music keyboard skills with games and songs. Includes key & time signatures, articulations, harmony, intervals, musical form, major/minor scales, chord progressions and more.
AABACA Set of 4 CD's $119 Hybrid 16MB RAM

Mozart: Dissonant Quartet
Digital recording of this work along with supplemental musical excerpts, commentary & graphics.
AABACA $35.95 Mac 2MB RAM

Music Ace (Ages 8-Adult) Education, Lab Packs & Network Licenses
Ideal for beginning students. 24 comprehensive lessons and challenging games that help you understand beginning music skills and theory. Compose music on the DOODLE PAD. Track's student's progress.
AABACA $35.00 Hybrid 8MB RAM (Bids Always Welcome)

Music Ace 2 (Ages 8-Adult) Education, Lab Packs & Network Licenses
24 lessons and games that include note and rest values, key and time signatures, intervals, scales and rhythmic dictation. Tracks student's progress. Includes DOODLE PAD.
AABACA $35.00 Hybrid 16MB RAM (Bids Always Welcome)

Music Doodle Pad (Ages 7-Adult)
Compose, arrange and modify your own music on a doodle pad (use up to six different instruments). Singing notes play the pitches as you drag them into place. Save and replay your creations.

Schubert: "The Trout" Quintet
Digital recording of this work along with supplemental musical excerpts, commentary, graphics.
AABACA $35.95 Mac 2MB RAM

Sound Effects
1000 of the World's Greatest Sound Effects.
AABACA $19.95 Hybrid 4MB RAM

Strauss: Three Tone Poems
Three mythic stories are explored through commentary, audio and graphics.
AABACA $35.95 Mac 2MB RAM

Stravinsky: Rite of Spring
Digital recording with supplemental musical excerpts, commentary.
AABACA $35.95 Mac 2MB RAM

Tchaikovsky's 1812
Explore the overture in detail. See how the orchestra is organized and learn about specific instruments. Follow Tchaikovsky's life through a biographical time line.
AABACA $29.95 Hybrid 8MB RAM


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