Porch In Use
Christmas 2012
And then there was a deck.
Sunning on the Deck
More Sunning
Roof Over Deck
Billee Helps Out
Don’t Need Windows
How about Screens
OK, Windows
Could I get some help
Windows just in time
Let’s Bake
Picture of Picture taking
Billee’s Baking Buddies
40 years of Gourmet Club
Pepper Passes
May Art Car Parade
Art Car Queen
THE Art Car Parade
Ice Cream
Go Gophers
Edgar In NY
Up North
More Up North
New London Friends
Down We Go
Old Boat House
Old Boat
SPYC Turns 100
Boat Show
Boat Gathering
Dressed Up on the river
Boat Gathering
Birthday Gathering
Nice Hats
Same Hats New Face
Sounds Great
Herod on Christmas Eve
Johnson’s Lodge
Stubba Turns 90
Like this Corn
Who’s driving?
Arn’t We Cute
Picture Taking
What Are You Doing?
Thanksgiving Gathering
Art Car Gals
Tacos Locos?
Old 65er at 65
Thanks, John
Milan High School
D Singing
Connor & D Graduate
DeVante Votes
Obama Buddies
Halloween at MOA
Halloween Picker
Halloween Strummer
Nice Ears
Hey Where Did They Come From
More Ice Cream
Let’s Take This Home
MTM at Work
Steam Engine
Music in the Park
Look What I Found
Monson Double Cousins
What’s This
Harriet Island Party
More Ice Cream
2012 Boating
Billee & Friend
Butch’s Friend
Let’s Eat!
Where O Where Is My Van
Lower Town
A Project